Cost Effective Composite Solutions

GlasArmor is a pultruded fiberglass panel that has remarkable ballistic resistance. Originally developed for military applications, GlasArmor is now available to provide your business or residence with military grade protection from armed attack.

GlasArmor panels are constructed from multiple layers of fiberglass reinforcements in a resin matrix that is designed to absorb ballistic impact by internal delamination. This controlled delamination captures and retains the projectile preventing dangerous ricochet.

GlasArmor panels are available in three performance levels that correspond to the UL 752 Ballistic Resistance Standards. GlasArmor is a UL Listed security product.

Level 1 rated for 9mm / 124 grain / 1,175 fps projectiles

Level 2 rated for.357 Mag / 158 grain / 1,250 fps projectiles

Level 3 rated for.44 Magnum / 240 grain / 1,350 fps projectiles

Additional protection from higher powered armaments can be achieved by layering of panels to achieve the required thickness.



GA256-A5L1         .256"              2.7 lbs /psf         UL 752 Level 1 / NIJ Level I

GA384-A5L2         .384"              4.0 lbs / psf        UL 752 Level 2 / NIJ Level II

GA500-A5l3          .512"              5.4 lbs / psf        UL 752 Level 3 / NIJ Level IIIA

Standard Panel Sizes

Widths  36"  /  48"              Lengths  84" / 96" / 108" / 120"    

Custom fabrication is available to produce components to meet your requirements as well as design assistance for your application.  

Panels expands to absorb the ballistic impact without penetration