Cost Effective Composite Solutions

Molded FRP Grates 

Molded FRP Grates are available in either a square mesh or a rectangle mesh pattern. They both offer unitized construction consisting of layers of fiberglass rovings encapsulated within a resin matrix. The high percentage of resin in molded grating makes them the preferred choice for high corrosive environments. Our square mesh patterns offer true bi-directional strength which makes for easy installation and the ideal grating to use where multiple penetrations are required. Molded grating is available with either a Meniscus or Applied Grit Surface. Custom resin systems are available to handle almost any environment and include

Ortho Polyester Resin for general applications 

Isophthalic Polyester Resin for acid exposure

Vinyl Ester Resin for caustic exposure


Molded Square Mesh Grating with Meniscus, Applied Grit, and integral Grit Surfaces 


         Molded Rectangular Mesh Grating with Meniscus and Integral Grit surfaces. 

            Micro Mesh Molded Grating 1/2" Square opening Smooth or Applied Grit Surface.

                                                Molded grating on an adjustable pedestal


Square Mesh Pattern in 1.5" square  or 2" square opening

Micro Mesh Pattern 1/2" square opening

Rectangular Mesh Pattern in 1" x 4" or 1.5" x 6"

Thickness available  .75" / 1" / 1.25" / 1.5" / 2"

Panel sizes include: 3' x 10' / 4' x 8' / 4' x 12' / 5' x 10'

Gratings are also available with a covered plate surface for applications where solid surfaces are required.

 Square mesh grating is ideal for areas having multiple penetrations.