Cost Effective Composite Solutions

Fiberglass Handrails / Ladders

FRP Handrail and Ladder Systems are the perfect alternative to steel or aluminum railing. Designed to meet OSHA and IBC Codes, these lightweight durable handrail and ladder systems will never need painting due to their integral safety yellow color. Being a fiberglass composite, they will never rust, rot, or corrode and are both thermally and electrically non conductive.

Our Handrail and Ladder Systems are available as modular kits for field assembly or as complete custom units ready to install. Handrail Systems are available as standard industrial two rail systems or custom architectural systems designed for your unique application. All of our handrail and ladder systems have a UV inhibitor incorporated into the resin system for years of trouble free service even in the toughest outdoor environments.

                Rooftop AC Access Platforms with Handrail and Ladders

Ladder with Walkthrough access for elevated platform.

  Rooftop Access Stairs with Handrail

Custom Designed and Built to your specifications.