Cost Effective Composite Solutions

FRP Grating & Structural Components

6600 Services LLC is a specialty services provider of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) structural materials. We offer a complete product line of todays most advanced composites along with years of application, engineering, fabrication, and design-build services. We take great pride in providing our customers with the most cost effective composite solution.

Originally developed for highly corrosive industrial environments, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) grating and structural components are today being utilized in a wide variety of applications. The unique composite construction of these materials offer important feature benefits that make them ideally suited for almost any workplace.

FRP Grating is unsurpassed in the prevention of slips and falls for wet or oily areas, stairways, and all your high traffic zones. SFS Safety Flooring Systems by 6600 Services LLC can provide your facility with the most effective slip resistant flooring with the built in advantage of ergonomic deflection. Workers experience less fatigue and strain when working on FRP Grating due to the cushioning effect of engineered deflection.

Let us show you the best composite solution for your application. We will provide a free custom quotation designed to meet your requirements and budget.

FRP Structural Components are: 

    * Lightweight with a High Strength to Weight Ratio

    * Corrosion Resistant / Never Rusts, Rots or Decays

    * Safe Non Slip / Non Skid Walking Surfaces

    * Non Conductive both Thermally and Electrically

    * Easy to Clean / Minimal Maintenance / Colorfast


                                 Trench & Sump Grates

                                 Platforms / Catwalks

                                 Mezzanines / Plating Lines

                                 Stair Systems & Treads

                                 Handrails and Ladders


6600 Services LLC is your single source for the most cost effective fiberglass structual composites available. We offer the highest quality materials combined with years of custom fabrication, and installation experience to provide you with the ideal composite solution for your specific needs.